Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards are due each year on September 15th. 

The 4-H Achievement Program is intended to recognize 4-H participants who have outstanding accomplishments and incentivize youth to increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Achievement Awards are cumulative which means 4-H members add their achievements and participation each year. The awards see 4-H’ers grow from participating in 4-H to being leaders in 4-H.

The Achievement Program has 7 levels.

Clover Level 1

Clover Level 2

Clover Level 3





Clover Levels are awarded by the county and presented at Teen Summit. There is not a limit on how many Clover Level Awards can be awarded each year.

Bronze thru Emerald are competitive with fewer awards being given the higher you go. Only four Emeralds are awarded each year in the state.

Achievements Awards span the entire career of a 4-H’er.

Information about Achievement Awards, applications, and rubric can be found here. Please make sure to review the rubric before submitting Bronze thru Emerald Applications.

Zingbooks is application that can be used to make inputting information into the application easier. Zingbooks is not required.

A video on how to sign up for Zingbooks can be found here.

Here are some tips to help your application stand out!  This does not guarantee you will win an achievement award.

  • Application should be neat, organized by date, and category.
  • There should be no spelling, punctuation, & grammar issues.
  • Points should be totaled correctly.
  • Application should be filled out completely with all signatures.
  • Entries should only be counted once.
  • Serve as a Club Officer or County Teen Council Member.
  • Serve on the Area Teen Council.
  • Serve on State Teen Council or a State Teen Leadership Board.
  • Serve as a Camp Counselor.
  • Lead Clubs at Elementary Schools.           
  • Attend Capitol Experience.
  • Plan and coordinate a 4-H event.
  • Attend District Board Meetings.
  • Film a segment for WBKO Farm & Home and Family Lifestyles.
  • Record a radio segment for WLOC.
  • Create social media content for the Extension Office to use.
  • Submit 4-H articles to the newspaper.
  • Create flyers and handouts for public events such as back to school bashes.
  • Participate in Talk Meet, Mock Interviews, Demonstrations, Written Communications Contest and Country Ham.
  • Participate in 4-H Fundraisers and John Swack Fundraisers.
  • Apply for Clover Levels 1-3.
  • Present to community organizations about 4-H such as Fiscal Court, Lion’s Club, Rotary, School Board etc.
  • Participate in local, area, and state 4-H events.
  • Organized, planned, and implemented a sustainable 4-H community action project. This is required for John Swack as well.
  • Participate in volunteer service projects offered in the county, area, and state.

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