Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Forestry Field Day

4-H youth aged 9 to 13 are eligible to participate. During this one day program, youth are taught and tested on the basics of tree identification, tree measurement, and the use of a compass and measuring distances by pacing. In the afternoon session, the participants experience “Wood Magic”, which raises their awareness of the importance of forest products. This program usually takes place during September. 


4-H Leaf Collection

Trees are like people: they all have first and last names and various characteristics that help us tell them apart from each other. Leaf collections can be submitted to the county fair in July. More information.


Insect Collections

Working on a 4-H Entomology project is the best way to learn about insects in Kentucky. Insect collections can be submitted to the county fair. More information


Geology Project

Youth can study and submit their own collection for the county fair. More information


Natural Resources& Environmental Sciences Academy 

The NRESci Academy is a three-year program designed to teach youth about their natural environment. In the program, scholars participate in hands-on investigations to learn about Kentucky’s water, forest, entomology, and wildlife resources. Each year of the three-year program, scholars participate in a variety of field exercises, such as stream sampling, forest measurement data collection, wildlife survey, and insect collection and identification, and interact with natural resources professionals. Scholars also have the opportunity to visit natural areas throughout the Commonwealth, and learn about the diverse natural resources in our state. Scholars who have graduated from the academy in good standing may apply to be NRESci Ambassador (a one-year commitment). Youth must be in the 5th grade to apply for the program. More information.


Woodworking Projects                                                                                                                

Volunteer led woodworking projects are usually offered in the spring. Youth complete a county fair project. Darrell Bailey is the project leader. 


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